Azure Kinect SDK not detected

I’m getting this warning when I start Depthkit, and can’t use the program: DepthSensorKFW2::getConnectedDevices@386] Kinect DLL via SDK/Runtime not detected.

I have SDK 1.3.0 installed, and firmware 1.6.102. The kinect is working perfectly with the Azure Kinect Viewer tool.

Does anyone know how I can troubleshoot this? Why is the sdk not detected? Thanks so much for any answers.

@Zhi-fang_Li, is the Azure Kinect fully powered (see power light indicator) and have you tried other usb ports (see usb requirements)?

Can I ask what version of Depthkit you are using? It may help to restart your computer as well!

Hi Jillian,

I’ve fixed the issue. I just had to update my graphics drivers. Thank you.

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Glad to hear that solved the issue!