Captures / size per minutes?

(Julien Bayle) #1

Hi there, I’m still trying to scale hard drive storage size part for my current project in production.

Where can I find how much gigabytes for one minute of capture ?


(jillian morrow) #2

Hey Julien! It will depend on the sensor that you are using (based on different capture resolutions) but if you are using the Kinect, 60 seconds of data is about 330MB. 30 mins of footage is 10GB.

(Julien Bayle) #3

Hi Jillian, thanks a lot for your answer.
And sorry for not having specified this: yes I use kinect.

Thanks for your answer !!

actually, I’d probably use 2 kinects and I’ll post about the use of 2 at the same time in another thread :slight_smile: