Low quality at export

Hi everyone,
I’m doing a bunch of test and I have some “problems”. We use a kinect v2 and the quality of the export is … strange , like we applied a noise as a displace map:

So flat surface are not flat at all ( and on a person’s faces, it’s really strange). When I generate it on depthkit, it seems ok (even if it’s not perfect), but after the export (in houdini or after effects), it’s not clean. The smooth in houdini lessen it a bit.

I tried to put more lights, but it’s the same result.
What did I do wrong ?

Hi @postProd! Depth noise can be caused by a few things, usually lighting and materials. It is best to shoot with lights that are cool to the touch and capture material that are non-reflective. See details about capture conditions here.

That being said, all depth sensors will have some degree of depth noise due to how the device detects depth. Depthkit’s Refinement Algorithm can reduce this noise and clean up related artifacts as well. Check out the refinement workflow here and let me know if you have any questions!