Problems with new version of Oculus Quest 2

we are working currently on our experience. it integrates modeled 3d environments along with a volumetric image of our protagonist shot by depthkit cinema.

i’m addressing you since we encountered a new problem in the last few days

the experience is built on unity 2022.3.22

there has been an update of the quest 2 in the last few days.
It turns out that a quest that was updated to version 53 has a problem to run the volumetric image – the image appears as a damaged and broken one. On versions 51 or previous the quest runs it perfectly okay

attached please find two screen shots of the same scene –

one with the full volumetric image captured on an older version of the quest 2 (version 51)

the other with the broken image captured on version 53

do you experience this problem?

do you have any solution for it?

Currently, since we are still in the development stage, we use a free version of the AV PRO. Is the problem relate to it in any sense?

Thank you in advance

above is the screen shot of the same environment with the full image

Hi, @user2.

The Depthkit Expansion Packages for Unity are only tested in Unity 2020.3 (LTS), so we can’t guarantee support in the Unity version you are using.

We also haven’t tested using the new Oculus SDK version, but if the previous version (51) was working, our recommendation is to revert back to that until the issue is identified.

It is relatively easy to test to see if AVPro is introducing issues. First, be sure that you’re using the latest AVPro version. If that doesn’t change anything, simply switch the Player type in the Depthkit Clip component to Unity Video Player, and reconnect the media files. If that works, then AVPro interacting with the new Oculus SDK may be the issue.

Hi Cory

I’m not familiar with a way to revert the Quest to an older version. Can you assist me with this?

thank you


Hi @user2 -

There is a guide here on how to switch to a different version of a Unity package: Unity - Manual: Switching to another package version

Hi Cory

I asked for your assistance in reverting the version of Quest 2 from 53 to 51 or older. The above link is related to the installation of packaging in Unity only. Do you know of any relevant explanation for changing the version in Quest?

thank you