[RESOLVED] The mystery of the disappearing Depthclip in Unity for Quest


I’m using the Depthkit Expansion Package Core to display depthclips in Unity for Oculus Quest.

I’m finding that the depthclip disappears when I look directly at it but not when I look around it. Also seems fine at a distance but not up close.

In the Unity editor you can see the clip shown in the Scene window but it disappears in the Game window/headset when I look directly at it. What’s going on??


My suspicion is this is an Oculus bug, or something to do with the camera settings, but I can’t figure it out. Any ideas what is happening and how I might fix it?

(I have the same issue in Unity 2020.3 and also Unity 2021 btw)

Aha. Just spotted this post in the forums (https://forums.depthkit.tv/t/videos-disappear-depending-on-unity-editor-cam-position/1204/6)

@Psicon_Lab Glad to see that the answer was in another thread, and thanks for closing the loop on both sides.