Which version do I need for this?

Very new to volumetric filmmaking.
Honestly i was so inspired by keijiros interview on your page that i felt i a had to try depthkit.
But there is a question left for me.
Which version do i need to redo this post in particular?

I am new to unity and depthkit but the idea of working live on a stage motivates me!

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Hey Samuel! This post is actually a sneak peak of two features that are in development: Depthkit for livestreaming and our integration with Unity’s Visual Effect Graph. We would love to keep you updated on both of these features! Can I ask which feature you are most interested in and how you would like to use it in your work?

Feel free to also add of vote for upcoming features on our Feature Request board. Stay tuned for more!


Sounds great!
Is there any plan when this is going to be released?
Or is there a betaversion?
I am way too stoked waiting for the livestreaming integration honestly!

I just added a vote on the Request Board.

We don’t have an exact timeline yet, but we will let you know when it is ready for our Early Access program! Do you have a project in mind for livestreaming? We’d love to hear about it!

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Oh, this is sad…
I was asked to visualize something for a concert of my local university of classical music vienna/austria, so i thought that depthkit would be perfect for this occasion.
I guess its not polite to ask for some kind of beta version, right?
Greets Samuel!

@SamuelHaller, we would be more than happy to keep you posted on the Early Access program for early testing of this feature. The feature isn’t quite ready for this kind of testing, but I’d me happy to email you when it is ready!

Would be a pleasure! : )

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