Femto Bolt firmware update issue

We updated the Femto Bolt firmware and now they are all not being recognised on the ORBBEC or the depth kit system, the connected devices icon on the computer settings also changed from a cam icon to a hard drive icon after the update. They also have a flashing orange light … Any ideas how to reset these please ?

@Terence According to Orbbec’s troubleshooting documentation, an orange blinking light means insufficient power. Can you confirm the sensors are plugged into AC/mains power in addition to the USB connection?


What Femto Bolt firmware version should we be using?

As you know we are still having connection issues, particularly when we go above 6 sensors. So we checked the current Orbbec Femto Bolt firmware version on their website which is different to that recommended by DepthKit. Orbbec have since updated it twice. When we installed the recommended Orbbec firmware we hit this DepthKit Studio software issue.

@Terence The current version of Depthkit only officially supports Bolt firmware version 1.0.9. I have done some rudimetary testing with firmware 1.1.0 without experiencing any issues, but this testing has not been exhaustive.

We are internally discussing updating the Orbbec SDK within Depthkit, and will let you know when a more recent firmware is expected to be supported.