Femto Bolt: Frame Timeout Issue


We embarked on a mission to upgrade our setup to Femto Bolt Cameras, we are starting to test with 6 cameras, to get to 10, however we are facing a timeout issue with the current setup.

Depthkit Version: 8.1.0
Camera Firmware: 1.0.9 (we see now 1.1.0 is available but not supported by Depthkit software yet)
GPU, ADA 6000
2 PCI cards, only 6 ports are used
Single Sync Hub
RJ45 Sync Cables
Depthkit Recommended USB extensions (worked with Azure Kinects), USB 3.1

We updated the sync json file per the file kindly posted by James https://forums.depthkit.tv/uploads/short-url/o4MamqYZrmS66wOejm6b3AneyXm.json

ObMultiDeviceSyncViewer setup.

When we open Depthkit, we can see 6 cameras live. When streaming starts, it runs about 5-10 seconds then frames start dropping and steam gets cut off. Similarly, the calibration automatically gets cut off.

2024-05-29 16:51:16.058 INFO [12760] [Depthkit:: I0: :DepthSensor: :DepthSensorOrbbec: :sdkLogCallback@637] Orbbec Fento Bo It CL8K141001P: [05/29 16:51:16. 058400] [warning] [12760] [Pipeline.cpp:327] Wait for frame timeout, you can try to increas e the wait time! current timeout=66


2024-05-29 16:51:16.114 WARN [18556] [Depthkit: :DepthSensorStage: :onSensorEvent@378] [Orbbec Fento Bolt CL8K141007D] Ti med out waiting for a frame set. 2

2024-05-29 16:51:16.125 WARN [12760] [Depthkit: :DepthSensorStage:: onSensorEvent@378]

[Orbbec Fento Bolt CL8K141001P] Ti

med out waiting for a frame set. 2

2024-05-29 16:51:19.114 INFO [29200] [Depthkit::I0: :DepthSensor: :DepthSensorOrbbec: : sdkLogCallback@637] Orbbec SDK: [05 /29 16:51:19.114688] [warning] [29200] [Pipeline.cpp:327] Wait for frame timeout, you can try to increase the wait time! cu rrent timeout=66 [1 logs in 3066ms, last: 16:51:16.114599]

2024-05-29 16:51:19.125 INFO 292041 Depthkit:: I0:: DepthSensor: :DepthSensorOrbbec: :sdkLogCallback@637] Orbbec SDK: [05 /29 16:51:19.125687] [warning] [29204] [Pipeline.pp:327] Wait for frame timeout, you can try to increase the wait time! cu rrent timeout=66 [**1 logs in 3067ms, last: 16:51:16.125101+*]

2024-05-29 16:51:20.004 INFO [27408] [Depthkit::I0: :DepthSensor: :DepthSensorOrbbec: :sdkLogCallback@637] Orbbec SDK: [05

/29 16:51:20. 003991] [warning] [27408] [ObException.pp:5] Resource busy! You can try again later!

2024-05-29 16:51:20.004 INFO [27408] [Depthkit::I0: :DepthSensor: :DepthSensorOrbbec: :sdkLogCallback@637] Orbbec SDK: [05 /29 16:51:20.004937] [warning] (27408] [FemtoBoltUvcDevice.cpp:384] Execute failure! A Libobsensor_exception has occurred!

  • where: 384#libobsensor: :FemtoBoltUvcDevice:: initDepthProcessParam: : <lambda_1d0ea5edbaa213c81a8ccf5f619a93>: :


  • msg:Resource busy! You can try again later!
  • type:class libobsensor: :wrong_api_call_sequence_exception

2024-05-29 16:51:20.005 INFO 27408] [Depthkit::I0: :DepthSensor: :DepthSensorOrbbec: : sdkLogCallback@637] Orbbec SDK: [05

/29 16:51:20.005017] [warning] [27408] [FemtoBoltUvcDevice.cpp:384] Get temperature failed.

It recommends us to increase frame timeout. Should we try that? If so which parameter would reflect this timeout? Or should be looking into another potential problem with the setup?

Please advice.
Thank you

Here is an additional image from Depthkit showing the sensor configuration:

Hi, @Igal - Sorry that you’re experiencing this issue.

First, can you confirm that all sensors are connected via USB 3 connections? If any sensors are connected via USB 2 connections (even though all hardware supports USB 3), you will see warnings reported in the Depthkit console when Depthkit starts, and can address it by following our troubleshooting steps.

Are you able to narrow it down to a specific sensor or set of sensors? To do this, unplug all but two sensors and see if the issue persists when starting streaming/calibrating. If it does, swap out one sensor and try again, then repeat with the other. If the issue doesn’t appear, connect an additional sensor and try again, and repeat until the system is tripped. To be extra methodical, you can also try bypassing the USB extender cables to ensure they are not introducing the issue.

It’s worth mentioning that Depthkit has been successfully tested with Femto Bolt firmware versions 1.0.9 and 1.1.0, and there are no conflicts. We will fix the firmware version reporting error in the next version of Depthkit. In the meantime, feel free to use either firmware, just ensure that all sensors are running the same firmware to avoid unexpected results.