What is Volumetric Filmmaking?

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In Short…

Volumetric Filmmaking is a growing movement in immersive (AR/VR/MR) content characterized by interactive experiences created using predominantly 3D scanned imagery. Techniques such as volumetric video and photogrammetry are used in conjunction with game engines to enable viewer agency within reconstructed lifelike environments.

A true hybrid of video games and cinema, volumetric filmmaking draws inspiration from related creative disciplines, such as documentary, immersive theater, cinematic 360 virtual reality, interactive installations, choose-your-own-adventure books, walking simulator games, and generative art.

The Next Dimension in Filmmaking

Visual storytelling is evolving beyond the confines of flat screens and expanding into the spatial dimension. It’s the biggest revolution in the moving image since the leap from still photography to movies.

At Scatter we have coined the term Volumetric Filmmaking to pinpoint this movement. We believe this movement fuses the crafts of video games and filmmaking into something completely new. This format will convey narratives that draw from the world- real places, real people, real stories presented interactive environments that invite viewers to participate and interact.

For more, check out The Brief History of Volumetric Filmmaking by Scatter Co-Founder and CEO, James George.

Volumetric Filmmaking to You

At Scatter, our fuel is the volumetric community. Share what volumetric filmmaking means to you as an individual and creator. What was the first volumetric project you experienced or how did you discover the medium?