Camera problem?

During our last series of tests, we have had a problem with one of the Azure Kinect cameras:

Repeatedly, the camera would either :

  • record normally
  • record with 1 frame off from the other 4 cameras
  • not record at all (the recording would indicate 00:00 with an exclamation mark indicating “unsupported file type”…)

We don’t think the problem is related to the USB cables as the camera was never offline or never indicated any other problem even when checking with the native Azure Kinect SDK Viewer app. I can also confirm that all 5 cameras have the same firmware.

Would you know what could have caused the problem? We are not even sure it is a camera problem.

@OlivierAsselin When observing these issues with a recording, can you confirm the following:

  • Does Depthkit report all 5 sensors connected in the Sensor Configuration panel? If not all sensors are appearing, this could be because sometimes other programs like web browsers take control of one of the sensors to use it as a webcam or a microphone. This will also lock the Azure Kinect Viewer out from fully opening and streaming the sensor being used elsewhere.
  • Do all sensors report their Sync Mode as either ‘Multicam Master’ or ‘Multicam Subordinate’? If any sensors report themselves in ‘Standalone’ mode, this may be the cause of the 1-frame offest, and can be fixed by double-checking the sync cables are routed properly, and seated well in their jacks.
  • For the recordings which fail to load, have you looked at the underlying recorded data in the take folders? There should be an MP4 video storing the color data, and a sequence of images storing the depth. Please confirm these are present and able to be loaded in a video player/image viewer.