Asynchrony between the device

We are using ten cameras, and one or several cameras are delayed. What options or other problems do we need to set?

Or is it a power supply issue?

We used a Kinect extension cable, which is officially specified and independently tested to work properly.

Below are some screenshots. thanks.

and this is the video show: depthkit cameras are delayed - YouTube

Hi, @weibinliu. This delay is usually caused by one of two things:

  • Once you start streaming the sensors in the Multicam context, check the ‘Sync Mode’ field in the ‘Sensor Configuration’ panel to ensure that it reads ‘Multicam Master’ or ‘Multicam Subordinate’ - (This will be grayed out, and automatically set based on how the sync cables are arranged). If it says ‘Standalone’ for any of the sensors, check the connections of each sync cable to ensure they are plugged into the proper port and well-seated, or try swapping out different cables.
  • Check that the firmware matches on each Azure Kinect. If it doesn’t, you can update the firmware using the resources found here.