Deleting bad takes

Hello, Depthkit forum, I will like to know how to remove bad takes from my Depthkit project. I’ve deleted the files, but the takes keep showing on Depthkit. Thank you.

@AndrewCunningham Depthkit version 0.7.0 (currently in beta, to be released in the near future) includes new features like the ability to delete and rename captures directly in the Depthkit interface. You should have an invitation to the beta in your email.

Until you’re using this new version, you can remove captures from the library by performing the following hack to the Depthkit project JSON:

  • Open the project’s dkproject.json in a text/code editor (we recommend Atom or Sublime Text)
  • Navigate to the JSON object “recordings”.
  • For each capture you want to remove, select the full name of the take, quotes included, as well as the contents of the braces and comma following it, and delete them.
  • Be sure that the remaining takes are all followed by commas, except for the last one.
  • Save the JSON.
  • Open the project in Depthkit, and the captures you removed from the JSON should no longer appear in the library.

@AndrewCunningham Just following up - Did this address your issue?

@AndrewCunningham Deleting and renaming takes is are some of the new features introduced in Depthkit version 0.7.0.

You can read more about some of these features in our latest blog post, and find more info in the announcement for the new update.