Project Not Linking With Saved Work?

Hello all! I’ve opened an old Depthkit Cinema project after 2 months of downtime and none of my saved work is appearing in the edit tab. All my checkerboards are also missing from the calibration tab. I can see all my takes/clips but all the camera pairing information, in and out points, and more are all gone from the clip. It doesn’t even allow me to pair a cinema clip, like its missing the calibration information that says I shot with depthkit cinema etc. It seems like its missing an important link between my json file or calibration folder or something. Is there a place in the json file I can go to double check this link? Any ideas as to why all my work has disappeared?

Here is some important info you should know to help troubleshoot. My project folder and all takes are on my local drive. Everything should still be in the same path. My color camera takes and refinement masks are located on an external hard drive that could have changed paths. For example, it may have started as drive “:D” but is now drive “:E”. However, when this has happened in the past, depthkit tells me that the drive is incorrect and then saves a new json file. I am not getting this alert anymore so I’m not sure if my drive is in the correct path or not. I’m not sure if this external drive is even related to the local project folder missing its link. I have no way of telling if my external drive is in the right place with the right path letter. Any ideas y’all?

@Andrew , it’s true that if the Depthkit directory structure is unchanged, you should have no issue opening the project, but the different drive letter will break the link to your Cinema recordings (and any Refinement masks), since any media referenced outside the Depthkit bin uses absolute file paths rather than relative ones. One way to repair this is (after backing up the project file!) to find and replace every instance of the drive letter in the dkproject.json file.

The calibration data is stored entirely in the dkproject.json file and _calibration folder, so as long as those haven’t been altered, they should open. Can you zip up just those two and share them? We may be able to spot the issue.

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Thank you @CoryAllen ! Yes I was hoping you’d reply regarding what to search for in the JSON. I knew the link had to be in there somewhere. It’s possible I missed an alert that I had the wrong drive letters when opening depthkit the first time. Anyway, I luckily had a backup JSON so I just plugged it in and got everything working again, so I’m all good!

However, in the future I will definitely do a search for the drive letters if I need. Thanks again.