Depthkit for Visual Effects Community Challenge!

Calling all volumetric creators!

To celebrate today’s beta-release of Depthkit for Visual Effects, we would love kick off a community creative challenge.

Your mission, shall you choose to accept it:
Create a visual effect using your Depthkit volumetric footage by using a Depthkit OBJ export format in your tool of choice. Post screenshots, videos, a link to your work, how you made it, and share a bit about the inspiration behind it. You can post in this thread or post with the tag community-challenge.

Any and all work will be considered for an artist showcase on our website or blog once the feature has been out for a few weeks!

The creative prompt?
Weird. Make a visual that is bizarre, funky, or wonderfully strange. Ready? Get set. Go!

We can’t wait to see what you create!