Does the Hologram Look work for Android/iOS?

A great question pulled from the Depthkit slack channel! Details can be found in the Unity Plugin documentation, but I’d like to summarize here too.

To be clear, the Photo Look successfully builds to both Android and iOS. It is the Hologram Look that has some limitations and requires some build settings adjustments.

Holograms on Android

This is supported. However, the Depthkit Unity Plugin is incompatible with OpenGLES2. To publish to Android use the following settings under Player Settings -> Other Settings -> Rendering.

OpenGLES3 is supported by Android 4.3 (API level 18) and higher.

Once these settings have been adjusted, you may still see a pink material error in the editor as seen below.

To fix this, go to Edit -> Graphics Emulation -> No Emulation, to use the Hologram Look properly when creating for Android.

It must also be noted that some phones (Galaxy S6) require OpenGLES2. This means that Unity will not be able to build to the S6 when using the Hologram Look option or when using the simple renderer with linear color space (linear on Android requires OpenGLES3 or Vulkan to build).

Holograms on iOS

This is currently in development and not yet supported.