How customizable is the Hologram Look?

It is our goal to inspire and enable all creators to reach their own unique and wonderful aesthetic goals. The Hologram Look is the first step towards sharing a collection of effects that will help you do just that. And it’s super fun to experiment with!

The Hologram Look isn’t just any Hologram

During the Scatter production of Zero Days VR, the team needed to generate a lead character, the NSA informant, as more than just a photoreal representation. Her style needed to be powerful and abstract, while still representing the humanity and reality of the subject. Cue the Hologram Look; the answer to provide flexibility in morphing the real with the abstract.

How can I customize the Look?

The Hologram Look in Unity is broken down into a series of layers; points, lines, and the fill layer. A simple start for clean implementation, but once layered and blended, soon becomes as complex as you like. Animation is possible as well and a user guide for this process will be linked here very soon!

The Caveats

Due to platform requirements, the Hologram Look is not yet available for iOS. This will be changing soon, so hold tight and check out platform requirements.