Femto Bolt data extension cables

I thought that I would let you know that Fembot Bolts connect immediately with no issues to DepthKit Studio latest release on both my Lenovo and Dell laptops as USB 3.1. Settings 2160p & 640x576 Narrow raw

I am using the following:

Fembot cabling as standard and supplied with pin connectors to secure USB cable

Attached to

Duttek USB C Female to USB A Female Adapter 3.1 Gen2, USB 3.1 A to USB


Attached to

FIBBR Fiber Optic USB A to USB C Cable 15M, 10Gbps Long Distance Data Transfer USB 3.2


5m and 10m lengths also supplied.

Attached to USB-A 3.1 input port on laptop

@Terence - Thanks for sharing the results of your testing!

@Terence Out of curiosity, do the sensors work as expected if you bypass the factory USB-C to USB-A cable and couple and simply plug the FIBBR cable directly into the sensor?

Hi Cory

Yes they do work with only the FIBBR cable.

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