USB Extenders for the Azure Kinect

If you ever need to put some distance between your sensor(s) and PC, like when constructing a Depthkit Studio capture array, you’ll need to extend the Azure Kinect’s USB connection.

Like USB host controllers, certain USB extenders are incompatible with the Azure Kinect. We have tested and verified a few USB extenders, and listed them in our documentation, but as some go out of production and new options become available, we are continuously looking for other candidates to test & recommend.

Which cables have you successfully used to extend the Azure Kinect’s USB connection? Which cables have failed? If you’re unsure about the cables you have, test them using the following steps:

  • Set up your computer and sensor(s) by connecting the sensor(s) directly to the computer using the short factory cable. Also connect each sensor to the factory power supply. If using multiple sensors, make sure the sync cables are also properly configured.
  • Check to see that all sensors are connected, then make a short test recording at the resolution you’re aiming to achieve. Make sure there aren’t any dropped frames, and that each sensor records without issue.
  • Put your extension cables inline between the sensors and the PC.
  • Perform the same test recording again.
  • If there is no change in performance, then they work!
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