Shaders in depthkit

Hi - I’m working on this VR project with a couple of other students at MIT. We’re still experimenting with depthkit and we were wondering if there’s a way to apply standard Unity shaders on depthkit clips. Right now, they don’t seem to accept unity shaders. Is there a way around this?

What we want to do is capture our performers talking straight into the camera but we wanna make them look like blue ghosts that are shimmering in and out of existence. Alternatively, we can have the Star Wars hologram effect. Any tips on how to achieve this using depthkit would be much appreciated!

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Hey Pakinam, check out the Zero Days Look! This Look is broken down into point and line layers so you can blend and layer your own aesthetic.

Hi Jillian, is there a way to do that without purchasing it?

Hey Pakinam, let me email you directly so we can chat about your Depthkit account specifics.

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Hey @PakinamAmer,

Want to add a little bit of background to this. One thing that makes Depthkit unique from other solutions is that we use video to power our 3D geometry. The combined-per-pixel format embeds both color and geometry into standard video files, which makes it incredibly portable and efficient to render. The challenge is that since all the geometry is computed from this source on the fly, we can’t use the standard shaders that apply to meshes in Unity.

Depth data is also unique in what works and what doesn’t for how it’s styled, so our emphasis on custom Looks, like the Zero Days Look, allows us to get the best aesthetics out of depth data, while maintaining real-time performance.

We intend to introduce many more looks beyond Zero Days, and work with community members to develop them.


Hey there! I am wondering if we can still try out the Zero Days look, because it is impossible to find it!

Hi @NievesGutierrez! The Zero Days Look is still available here. However, all new developments for Unity can be found in our latest Depthkit Core Expansion Package for Unity. This new plugin lets you customize and build your own Depthkit Looks with support for Unity’s Shader Graph and Visual Effect Graph, in your preferred render pipeline. Check out our documentation here.