Is it possible to export higher resolution videos?

I’m using depthkit for unity.

I need to export higher resolution videos for use in unity. I k ow kinect v2 captures at 1080p for color, yet the exported video is only 500 x 800. So does that mean the color is even less than that, since half of the video is depth?

Will I be able to export higher resolution videos? I’m considering using azure, and cinema workflow with high res cameras, will these enhance the resolution?

With a low export resolution, I dont see the point of cinema workflow?

Thanks please answer my questions.

Hi Haixu! Absolutely, we are all about high resolution.

High resolution exports are activated by using the Refinement workflow. In summary, this allows you to generate and apply a refinement mask to your clip which provides the opportunity to refine depth data, clean up artifacts, crop, and export resolution that reflects the resolution that you captured.

This applies to both sensor capture and footage that was recorded using Cinema Capture (with your own video camera). So if you capture in 4k, you can match that resolution by using the Refinement process.

We also have a video tutorial here that features this workflow with the Azure Kinect. Let me know if you have other questions!