Down-Render Depthkit Recordings in Video-Editing


Is it possible to record in Depthkit with 1080p and later down-render the resolution to, say, 720p in video editing?

Or will that cause the plugin in Unity to not be able to process the mp4 correctly?

I ask because we are not sure if the file size of the recording will still work mobile. Otherwise, we would have to produce twice in Depthkit to be safe - once in 1080p and once in 720p.

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Hi @FelixKnoblauch

Great question! You are prudent to be considering your target platform performance considerations in advance of your production. Fortunately, we simplify this for you by giving you control over the Unity Realtime asset resolution (Combined Per Pixel video file) as a step during the export stage.

Said differently, you should shoot at the highest color resolution that your system supports without dropping frames. See a reference of our expected performance on that here. BTW - if your system is not performing up to that specification, please post here so we can help diagnose the hardware issues with you.

Then after capturing at the highest resolution, when preparing your captures for export, you can use the new export resolution, bitrate, and codec controls to find the right balance of quality and performance. Check out the recently updated Depthkit Studio Export documentation for details

We’ve just published a new best practice guide for iOS and Desktop here

A tip on performance: we find much better performance and stability with AVPro as compared to Unity’s build in video player.

Let me know if this answers your questions, and we can continue the thread here.

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