Live Depthkit webinar anyone?

(jillian morrow) #1

Hey guys! This spring we are hosting a range of workshops in the NYC area, but we would love the opportunity to reach out to those that can’t make it. We are planning a live Depthkit workshop/volumetric office hours session where anyone can participate. You can call in, ask questions, request features, and just have a fun online hang. So, who is in?

If interested, tell us what you might like to get out of an event like this. Also, share your time zone. We want to make this work for as many people as we can!

(Andrew Gant) #2

I like hanging and nerding out! Always fun to talk about new tech, new ideas, and just chat with everyone. This is a great idea!

(Victor Pardinho) #3

That would be awesome, I would be totally in! Getting to know more volumetric interested folks, request features and exchange ideas would be the nicest I believe. My time-zone is EET/CET, so very far :smile:

(Alejandro Palacios) #4

That would be great! Did you guys had the webinar? is there a link somewhere?

(jillian morrow) #5

We haven’t hosted one yet, but it is great to know that you are interested! We will post across the forums when we have a date and time.