Looking for a Depthkit Specialist?

Reach out here and share a bit about your project and shoot details!

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Hi all, I need to do a DepthKit shoot in LA two weeks from now, one day, need gear, studio and operator. Putting this out there in case anyone can do it. Cheers!

Thanks for posting, Andy! I’ve pinged our LA operator to jump in here.

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Thanks @Jillian. Andy I’ve reached out in email! Hope to speak with you soon. Sorry for the delay as I was traveling yesterday.

i have been interested in shooting a music video in the depthkit style since i discovered and downloaded the rgb+d toolkit in 2012, however i am a musician/producer and not a videographer and i just don’t have the necessary free time to dedicate to learning the software/hardware, is there anyone in minneapolis area or somewhat nearby that i could work with for the video shoot?

i would even be willing to travel within the u.s. for the shoot if necessary.

Hey @az1,

I’m a traveling depthkit operator! Shoot me an email at gantproductions@gmail.com Let’s chat if you are still interested!

Hi community, I need a Depthkit operator with gear (Kinect Azure + cinema capture would be super, i can provide the camera and lens and workstation), two/three weeks from now, one day of shooting and we’ll have a green screen studio.
Barcelona, Spain or near enough.
If you’re there, contact me! :smiley:

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Hey @TommasoFerrari, @Andrew or @Cory might be helpful here. I will note that Cinema Capture is currently in user testing, which is a stage that we don’t often recommend for productions. Would you be interested in jumping on a call to chat about Cinema Capture best practices for your shoot? I also may be able to recommend specialists closer to your area, based on your project needs.

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Thanks for the tag, @jillianmorrow! Hello, @TommasoFerrari! I am reachable at cory@heymilkman.com, and happy to talk about your shoot!

Thanks guys, I am on a difficult set until tomorrow night.
After That I’ll write to you.