Older versions of Depthkit Plugins

Dear Community,

I wonder is it possible to find older versions of the Depthkit plugin for unity?

With kind regards,

Hi @AkbarSultanov, we don’t have the older versions available for download. Can I ask what are trying to accomplish and hopefully we can support in another way?

Dear Jillian,

I was asking for the older versions of the soft because there are some tutorials which are based on older versions (apart from documentation). I am also curious to learn whether there were more looks in previous versions apart from Photo?

@AkbarSultanov, we currently support the Zero Days Look and we are working on the next generation of our Unity integration to support endless looks with the Visual Effect Graph.

where can I get a download of the zero days look plugin? It’s not on that page anymore.

is it no longer free?

Hi @shahanakhter! The Zero Days Looks is available for purchase here. If you previously had access to it and can’t locate the download link, feel free to ping me at support@depthkit.tv and we can sort out your account access.