Quick workaround for Zero Days?

One day soon, I will dive into Depthkit VFX.

However, I am on deadline and would simply love to have Zero Days “just work” the way it did last time I opened Unity. I am on a new system (same hardware, but the system was wiped and restored) and I have reinstalled my old (2020.if31) copy of Unity. I then opened a project that I had created and it seems like the Fill shader in Zero Days works (the opacity slider works, for example) but Points and Lines don’t work… I get these pink line planes, and while the Inspector controls seem to have some effect (I can adjust density on Points and Lines) they do not render the image.

The error message: Drawing with MeshTopology.Points, yet the vertex program ‘Hidden/InternalErrorShader’ does not have PSIZE output.

I know, I know, everyone is using Depthkit VFX now, but please if there is any way to fix this simply just for now it would be a lifesaver. Thank you!

@CatherineEng To my knowledge, the Depthkit Unity Plugin (v0.2.7) + Zero Days Look were never tested in Unity v2020. You were able to get it working in that version before? Have you tried it in version 2019? As you pointed out, this version of our Unity plugin is deprecated, so unfortunately there’s not much more we can do to troubleshoot.