Thin parts of the cello are not filmed correctly by the sensors


in the screenshot you can see that we have a problem with recording thin parts of musical instruments.

For example, the fingerboard of the cello is not filmed correctly by the sensors.

There is simply a hole in that place.

Is there any way to fix this? For context: the cellist is lying on the floor here, but the problem also occurs when she is sitting normally.

We are using a 6 Sensor setup.

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Hi @FelixKnoblauch

Did you review the answers to your previous question about this issue? See that here:

Please review that and let us know if you can take the steps recommended there.

Hi James,

Since the previous question was about instrument gloss, I wanted to start a new thread specifically about thin elements.

What I understood is that you have two options:

1)Increase the number of sensors (currently we use 6).
2)Treat the thin elements with a matte spray.

->After our last production, where we had the same problems, we increased our setup from 3 to 6 sensors. Presumably this is not enough though? I wanted to ask how exactly the production went in the double bass example (happy to switch to the other thread for that though).

→ Unfortunately, because we are all professional musicians, the instruments are (really) very expensive, so we can’t spray them.

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