Update to Depthkit v0.5.6 today!

Check out what Depthkit v0.5.6 means for you:

Increased capture performance! :nerd_face:
In this release we have reduced GPU and CPU overhead related to drawing the 3D viewport. What does this mean for you? If you were among those who minimized their Depthkit window to reduce dropped frames, it means that this work around is no longer required. In addition, those capturing on lower powered computers will experience improved performance.

Updated lens distortion system.
This enables Depthkit to use every bit of depth data available, ensuring no information is clipped in your volumetric footage.

Interactive crop selection.
This is available in the Edit window when you have enabled Refinement for your clip.

We also have some exciting updates to Depthkit Cinema!
Improved user feedback and error messages during Camera Pairing.

Introduction of the texture alignment panel that can solve for minor misalignment between the color and depth data for a Cinema Capture. This will be helpful if solving for the slight misalignment between the sensor depth and color found when using some Azure Kinects that experience this known issue.

Check out the full release notes here for all updates.

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