Depthkit update: Version 0.3.9 hits Beta!

We’ve got a Depthkit update coming your way (thanks auto-updater :wink:)! Here’s what it means for you:

  • Introduction of a cancel button at export. Commitment issues, anyone?
  • Improved functionality of clip selection and playback in Depthkit’s edit window.
  • Clearer error warnings in the edit window.
  • Refined default camera view in the 3D view-port so you can see what the sensor sees.
  • Solved playback issues that may have occurred on computers with AMD graphics cards. This is also helpful for those who found a blank frame at the start of their combined-per-pixel exports.
  • Automatic assignment of the preferred graphics processor for users with Nvidia discreet graphics cards. This will greatly increase capture performance for those working with this kind of GPU.

Important Note: Depthkit projects are not backwards compatible. This means that you cannot open your current Depthkit project in a previous version of Depthkit.

To learn more, check out the Release Notes and Known Issues for this latest version.

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