Where is a good place to purchase a Kinect?

Now that the Kinect has been discontinued.


Does anyone have recommendations on where to buy?

Hey Izzy! Great question. I know some sellers have really bumped up the price, but Target and Amazon still have plenty in stock for around $70-$100. Remember to buy the Kinect adapter for Windows as well!

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Personally, I use this Kinect I found on Etsy and it works really well. It comes modded with the Windows adapter.

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Here’s a (hopefully reliable) seller in the UK that can get you everything you need for under $100 USD: https://ebay.us/JMix9g

Hi Jillian,
I’m looking to buy some new Kinect sensors for future projects.
Just to be certain, the Kinect in this link you posted already works has if it had the adapter built-in?
Just plug on the pc/mac and it will work with Depthkit beautifully?


Hey Victor! That’s correct. However, with any mod I recommend reaching out to the seller just to make sure each sensor is tested before being shipped. Also, the Kinect is PC only so if you have a mac, you will need to get Windows using the Bootcamp Utility.

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