Where is a good place to purchase a Kinect?


(Izzy Heron) #1

Now that the Kinect has been discontinued.


Does anyone have recommendations on where to buy?

(jillian morrow) #2

Hey Izzy! Great question. I know some sellers have really bumped up the price, but Target and Amazon still have plenty in stock for around $70-$100. Remember to buy the Kinect adapter for Windows as well!

(jillian morrow) #3

Personally, I use this Kinect I found on Etsy and it works really well. It comes modded with the Windows adapter.

(Alex Coulombe) #4

Here’s a (hopefully reliable) seller in the UK that can get you everything you need for under $100 USD: https://ebay.us/JMix9g

(Victor Pardinho) #5

Hi Jillian,
I’m looking to buy some new Kinect sensors for future projects.
Just to be certain, the Kinect in this link you posted already works has if it had the adapter built-in?
Just plug on the pc/mac and it will work with Depthkit beautifully?


(jillian morrow) #6

Hey Victor! That’s correct. However, with any mod I recommend reaching out to the seller just to make sure each sensor is tested before being shipped. Also, the Kinect is PC only so if you have a mac, you will need to get Windows using the Bootcamp Utility.