Depthkit update with Azure Kinect support!

It’s not just a Depthkit update, it is the moment we’ve all been waiting for…support for Microsoft’s Azure Kinect is ready for Depthkit Pro users! What does this mean, you ask?

Depthkit Pro users will have immediate access to:

  • The highest resolution depth map on the market (640 x 576 @ 30fps)
  • The highest resolution and quality sensor video (up to 4k recording!)
  • Adjustable field of view
  • Manual Control of White Balance and Exposure

There is so much more to talk about. Check out our sensor documentation for the new device and let us know how you plan on using the Azure Kinect!

For those who update to v0.3.12 today, there is still more exciting news including:

  • Updates to the Depthkit Pro Refinement Algorithm, providing Pro users with even more power to refine their volumetric video. This update introduces a global improvement to the algorithm as well as the implementation of the Sharpness refinement parameter for reduced artifacts.
  • Improved Depthkit file management for easier navigation to your project from within the Record and Edit windows.

Check out more details and bug fixes in v0.3.12 release notes. We hope you enjoy!

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Can this integration be passed down to the trial? The trial is listed as comparable to the pro version but doesn’t seem to work with the Azure kinect. I’m trying to test out depthkit but I don’t want to pay for a quarter year subscription just to see if it does what I’m after.

Glad you asked! We expect for Azure Kinect access to be ready for Evaluation quite soon. I’ll post when we have more details.

Great thanks. Is there also timescale for the depthkit version which allows external cameras and multiple kinects? I think this version would be especially of great interest.

Definitely! Regarding external cameras, you can actually sign up for our Early Access program at the bottom of this page for testing access to our new Cinema Capture workflow.

As for multiple Kinects, this is also in the works. We’d love to learn more about how you would like to use it!

Hi Jillian,

Thanks I signed up earlier today for the early access. Is this testing access available now? as I didn’t receive any email yet or will there be a notification email when the early access program is open?

Use cases for us would be for product imaging, I’m looking into multiple paths but would like to see how the 3d capabilities of the kinect stack up ie turning point cloud to mesh as well as background removal and also the spectral video capabilities. This is why I’m also interested in the dslr integration as image quality is of high importance so this would help greatly with that.

Very exciting, Scot! Thanks for sharing your use case. I’ll be following up with everyone who signed up with more details in the coming days so we can get things rolling. I look forward to chatting more!

Hello - looking to develop a scenario where we use 3x Azure Kinect cameras to get a full volumetric capture of an actor for use in an AR app. We’d likely shoot in a green screen environment. Is this something that DepthKit could do for us - allow us to stitch the 3x separate camera feeds together?
Would we be able to capture from all 3x Azures to one PC ?

Hey Daniel! This feature is in development, but we would love to learn more about your creative goals. In the meantime, feel free to sign up for our Depthkit Studio wait list for all news and updates on the feature.

hey what’s the latest on this

Hey Yosun! The latest with the Azure Kinect is that we support it in Depthkit Pro. If you are referring to Depthkit Studio, this is actively in development and we will share news and updates soon!

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