3 Azure Kinects

Since you can sync multiple Azure Kinects, would it be possible to composite (within the Unity editor) three different DepthKit captures.

If you use a separate usb controller for each sensor, reduce framerate, Etc., a single PC is possible if the graphics card will handle it.

For right now does that require a different license for each instance? The composite would be noisy as hell but it might be useful for something

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Hey Nick! It doesn’t require a separate license, however we do have this feature in development. We’d love to share updates (feel free to sign up for our wait list) as well as learn your creative goals for it! What type of content are you looking to capture?

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I met James George at Siggraph. He sang out praise about you.
I do have a ongoing project, short episodic sci-fi VR that requires low-fi volumetric capture.

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Awesome! If you don’t mind, I’d love to ping you via email to learn more about the project!