Multiple Azure Kinect Capture

When will we see the multiple Azure Kinect camera capture feature? As with the EF EVE?

Hey @NickVenden! Our multi-sensor capture solution is actively in development and we should have updates to share early this year. Stay tuned!

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Hi Jillian,
How do I manage two installations, home PC and my laptop?

Tonight, Jan 15th, Depthkit will not recognize my credentials, my attempts to login.

Do I need to logout on the other computer?

Where/how do I do that?


Nick Venden


Sorry about the trouble here @NickVenden! Let me contact you directly to address your account details.

Any update on this!? Thanks !

Not yet @AlexandreMessier, but thanks for checking in! We are busy bees working on our multi-sensor solution and we are excited to keep you posted!

Hi Jillian

Is it possible to live stream depth kit captured people into an AR app? Are there any examples you can point me to?

Also very keen to know when support for multiple Kinnects might come through as working on a project where we’d really like to use this with Depthkit


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Hey @ShehaniFernando! We are currently exploring live-streaming with Depthkit and would be happy to keep the community posted with our progress. I’m curious about your creative needs for it, if you would like to share what you have in mind.

As for our multi-sensor solution, Depthkit Studio is actively in development. What kind of timeline are you working with for your project? If you want to chat more in depth, feel free to ping me on slack or at

Any updates on this? Thanks. I initially thought this was going to be apart of the DepthKit Pro license but now see its going to be just for Studio?

Hey @PatrickKeehn! Our multi-sensor solution is actively in development for Depthkit Studio. If you are working on a project that is actively in need of multi-sensor capture, we’d love to learn what your creative and technical needs are so I can share them with our engineering team. Let me know if you are interested in chatting more. :nerd_face:

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Hey Jillian,

whats the best email to reach you at?


Hey @PatrickKeehn, feel free to reach out at for tech support, sharing feature requests, or just to chat about your creative needs. We are always available to chat about workflows, share ideas, and chat about projects!