New Category: Depthkit Studio!

We’ve been hard at work refining our top-tier product, Depthkit Studio, and received lots of excellent feedback from our pilot customers who have been putting it through it’s paces.

As more people start using Depthkit Studio, we invite this community to share your questions and experiences - from building capture stages to building volumetric experiences with 360-degree holograms to various platforms. What’s something you have learned about Depthkit Studio? - What’s something you want to know?

what is the export format from Depthkit studio when you have multiple kinect working together (lets say 10). Is the Combined-Per-Pixel format still possible? is there a sample mp4 with multiple devices?

@RedaSiblini Depthkit Studio currently supports multi-camera Combined-per-Pixel assets similar to their Depthkit Core counterparts, but with the data from multiple sensors mapped into one video. Here’s an example still frame from one such 5-sensor asset.

We will have support for additional multi-camera formats available in an upcoming release.

Dear Depthkit,

First thank you for such a great software making volumetric video much available :slight_smile:

I’m currently having some technical problems within Unity, and I hope you can help us. I’m trying to get the VFX plugin/MyLook to work, and I have been following your documentation Visual Effect Graph

but it keeps giving me this error (pls see attatched pictures). Maybe you or someone from your team can help us out?

I have used the depthkit export Multiperspective CPP Image Sequence and used ffmpeg and premiere pro for creating a video.

Thank you so much in advanced.

@MariaHerholdt_Engerm I have carved your question out and put it in a new topic here. Please reply there so we can help you get to the bottom of this.

Hi, any plans for 2-Kinect functionality in Core or Cinema tiers? Seems like shooting with 2 depth sensors would give a huge improvement to how the end-product looks, but Studio tier with 5-10 sensors is both overkill and waay out of price range for what I’m working on.