About the Project Journals category

A place for both the Depthkit team and the wider community to show off what they are working on.

Topics don’t need to be “final”, in fact we encourage people make a thread/topic when the project is undefined or still a work in progress. We want to see what it’s like to work on your project, not just the final result!

If you’re responding to a person’s journal, don’t be critical unless they make it clear they are looking for feedback. Instead ask about process, what they want their project to be, what unexpected challenges are they discovering, etc.

Project Journal Topic Ideas

  • WIP Projects
  • Custom Software Integrations
  • Custom Hardware integrations
  • Creative Explorations

If you don’t feel like your project is “big” enough for it’s own topic, we also have the WIP screens thread where you can just post one-off images of something you did.

If you do make a thread, treat the thread like part of your project! We all want to know the ups and downs, how you solved X or Y, what it’s like showing your work to the world, any awards or big announcements, etc.! Also, don’t be afraid to get technical! We want to know the nitty gritty of how things get done so we can all get better together.

For some good examples of a Journal, check out these threads to get started: