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Got something that feels just a little too small to make a whole topic for? Post a screenshot of what you’re working on in here (and consider making a topic anyways :grinning:)!

Great stuff for this thread:

  • Debug shots
  • Art tests
  • Behind the scene photos
  • Travel pics

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As a first example, I’m currently working on the Depthkit forums!

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(Max Ellinger) #4

Hey everybody!

I’m working on Fire Mammoth Wellness: One More Night. It’s an interactive narrative experience about being trapped in your teenage bedroom with your first love and not being able to leave until you’ve worked through your issues and grieved together. I’m making it as part of the Oculus Launchpad program, which has been home to at least one other really lovely Depthkit Project.

For the prototype, I did a shoot with an actor at a green screen stage in Berkeley, CA. The setup was pretty straightforward: just an A7III, 12-24mm lens, Kinect, Zoom H4N Pro, and a Shure wireless lapel kit. Given that this is a solo project for now, none of my project would’ve been possible without Depthkit - so I’m very thankful for the team’s support and dedication to making an accessible volumetric capture solution.

While I’m polishing it up now for consideration for funding, I’m excited to be a part of this community and offer any learnings around DK and implementation in Unity.

Here’s a screenshot, the “glowing light being” look is a relatively new addition (and small tweak to the shader).

(Andrew Gant) #5

Great concept! Looking forward to seeing more. What is the significance of “Fire Mammoth”?

(Max Ellinger) #6

Hey Andrew!

The current framing is that you’re an employee who works for Fire Mammoth Wellness, the fictional Wellness branch of my real-world LLC (Fire Mammoth). They specialize in scanning people’s brains to uncover their hidden trauma and un-felt feelings, providing a dream-like simulation to help them out. The narrative isn’t happening to you, you’re viewing someone else’s session from that day.

I chose the name because I wanted to evoke something extremely large and important, like mammoths, and fire. Kidding, I just liked it. My friend Khaela came up with it for a song she wrote a really long time ago and gave me permission to steal it.

One of my friends tried to find me online and gave up in frustration. Later I found out it was because he was searching for “Flaming Buffalo.” Oops.

Thanks for the interest!

(Andrew Gant) #7

Hahaha what a wonderful and entertaining backstory. Looking forward to seeing it man!

Fire it up Buffalo man.

(Kyle Kukshtel) #8


This looks awesome @Max!! You should create a thread for the project in the main Project Journals category!! Would love to hear how you edited the shader in there as well.

(Kyle Kukshtel) #9

Here’s a picture of what I made for the Dames Making Games game jam:

The idea was to make a volumetric scene that looked like this mildly famous scene from the movie Repulsion:

I’ll take a real screenshot in the game eventually!

(James George) #10

One of my favorite debug shots from back when we were capturing blackout! Featuring Kid The Whiz:

(Max Ellinger) #11

We developed a new shader to give our characters some subtle depth and an aura.

(Hans Mortelmans) #12

Made a music video with Depthkit,

hope to start experimenting with the Unity plugin from now on

(Kyle Kukshtel) #13

@HansMortelmans I’d love to see a breakdown of some of the Depthkit stuff in here! You should make a dedicated thread for it if you’ve got it!

(Hans Mortelmans) #14

hello Kyle

I would like to, I don’t have that much ‘breakdown material’ but I’ll check what I do have that can serve as documentation

all is pretty straightforward, not so much tricks

It will take some time, though


Hans Mortelmans

M: +32 (0)486 83 64 01

Statiestraat 47, 2600 Berchem

(Hans Mortelmans) #15

@kyle I’ll try to breakdown some pieces

Hans Mortelmans

M: +32 (0)486 83 64 01

Statiestraat 47, 2600 Berchem

(Justin Anderson) #16

Proud to announce my very first Depthkit test (pardon my very serious face and making large vowel sounds to make sure my mouth movements took in the 3D; combined, it makes for a pretty horrifying effect). This took me about 4 hrs to put together at 10pm at night. It went great and I can’t wait to try it out with proper calibration and lighting!

I’m trying to see if this will be a viable method to get around the limitations of only having one depth camera and being confined to one angle to see the 3D. It’s a good first test but I need to experiment further to make sure I can get rid of the uncanny valley / polar express effect. :wink: