AVPro 2+ Unity recorder workflow

Hi @James and @CoryAllen
Circling back here on the issues I mentioned via @VeroniqueLevert and the Zu team.
My goal is to create a 360 PNG sequence from Unity 2020.3.33 HDRP, and after following all the steps in the new workflow, I have trouble with exporting.

Last week I did export some PNG frames which were blurry as I was still getting familiar with the whole setup, and this week I seem to be having no luck.
Console error (last screenshot):
NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object

The timeline is setup the same way and all the settings are the same but I am not getting any PNG or JPG after the timeline seems to run it’s course after pressing play. I tried the Recorder’s Movie option which does work.
I have not yet purchased the AVPro2 plugin as I wanted to check it works before buying it, so I am using the free watermarked sample from here

Before sharing screenshots, I want to check if I getting something wrong here:

“Extend region in the timeline to match the full clip”
Is it necessary to have the entire clip loaded for the Recorder clip to work?

“The preload time can be used to load your video clip ahead of time to ensure smooth playback on start. Be sure the media player’s GO is enabled at the time the preload hits on the timeline”
Does this mean hitting the green play icon on the Media Player before hitting play on the Unity scene (which starts the recording)?

"Output file:
Path: To prevent Unity from slowing down as it adds each exported frame to the Project, select an output destination outside of your Unity project folder. Exporting to an SSD will go faster than to an HDD. Make sure there’s plenty of space on the drive as well"
I can’t seem to get Unity to point elsewhere than within the Project. I am working on an SSD drive though.

Also, I am able to get Depthkit clips with Shadergraph and VFX Looks to play but no luck with the Built-in Look so far.

The first two screenshots are from my test HDRP 2020 project with my 7min capture loaded and playing from the media player: one PNG frame from the Unity sample scene, one PNG frame from the AVPro Demo360 Sample scene.

The second batch of screenshots are from a new HDRP 2020 project using the sample 10 sensor Cory capture to see if that would help me identify anything I was missing. Thanks for your help with this, I am really hoping to get it working.

@OliviaMcGilchrist I haven’t touched this workflow since early last year, and a few components have updated with them, so please bear with me while I refamiliarize myself with this workflow and try to reproduce these errors to narrow down the issue. In the meantime, I can chip away at a few of these items:

This is to ensure that the AVPro player plays the full duration of your clip. If the region in the timeline is shorter than the clip it’s playing, only part of the clip will play, so be sure to extend the duration of the region to match the full duration of the Depthkit clip you’re playing back.

This avoids an artifact where the Depthkit asset’s appearance upon activating is delayed due to a lag while the video loads. If you set a preload time, the video will load before it is set to appear, eliminating the delay.

I’ll have more answers as I get more into this workflow again. Thanks for your patience.

Thanks for these updates @CoryAllen and I totally understand, if you have not touched this workflow for a while! Looking forward to hearing more when you can.