Unity 2021.3 URP Issues

Before starting, to clarify:
Depthkit’s Unity plugins are currently designed to work in 2020.3, not newer versions.

The problems I encountered, while irritating, worked out entirely fine when I changed from 2021.3 to 2020.3. I’m writing up this post to help document errors encountered in current LTS versions of Unity, hopefully to make future versions of the plugin a tad easier to develop.

OS: Windows 10, version 22H2
Unity Version: 2021.3.29f1
Render Pipeline: Universal Render Pipeline (starting with the URP 3D project template)
Depthkit Export: 9-Camera CPP video, 10kbps
Intended Output: 2D video capture through Unity’s Recorder plugin, all camera motions are pre-scripted paths

So, first up, when adding the Depthkit plugin packages to the project, Unity seems to have some serious trouble importing both of the VFX files, bringing up this error regardless of what order I add the secondary packages in.

‘Try Again’ doesn’t work, so after Cancelling I get these messages in the Console:

Now I try importing the plugin prefabs, intending to keep most of the default settings unchanged other than the usual adjustments to the Mesh Source to make sure the whole mesh renders in and looks decent.

The Studio Shader seems to work well (barring one odd warning), and plays the recording just fine, though here are my settings for posterity:

However, the VFX plugins don’t seem to visibly render anything in. The particles are still animated, and seem to move away from where the recording’s main body would be, which matches what the default VFX Look should be, however the entire thing is completely invisible other than the selection outline.

Other pre-made VFX settings still seem to work, such as Heads And Sparks, Swarm Particle System, Heads And Trails, etc., but nothing that seems to have anything to do with the recording.

And changing to any VFX setting other than the default VFX Example Look throws these errors on repeat:

I did all this from a fresh URP template project, but these were the same errors I was getting on a different URP project I was working on for a client the other week. As I said at the start, these issues went away when I swapped to Depthkit’s recommended Unity 2020.3 (Other than the Sobel Filter warning for some reason, but that was ignorable). I don’t know if these same issues would happen in Unity 2022.

Hope this helps anyone else that encounters this issue!

Thanks for sharing, Ky! We’ll be sure to reference this as we move closer to support for newer Unity versions.