[RESOLVED] Rendering with AVPro Movie Capture

I have a Depthkit Studio clip I’m trying to render out of Unity with AVPro Movie Capture. Out of the box, the timing of my clip isn’t sync’d.

I’ve read through VR Distribution Strategy: How to create a stereoscopic 360 version of your volumetric film and the forum post from 2018 on the topic.

I have to use AVPro Movie Capture because I’m trying to get out VR180, and to my knowledge it’s the only tool that will allow it.

Do we know if the timeline hack will work for this or does the modified script from 2018 still work?

Hi, @Max - We haven’t tested with AVPro Movie Capture - Aside from the 180-degree output format, are there any other constraints which require using that exporter? The documented Unity Timeline integration with Unity Recorder should still work as long as you are still using a supported version of Unity, and you should be able to crop the 360-degree output to a 180-degree one. Are there any other details about this project to factor in to this workflow?

Hi Cory,

I just purchased AVPro Video so I could test the workflow and followed the tutorial with the forked playables and editor window script. I’m getting script compilation errors, see attached screenshot. I’m using Unity 2020.3.41f1 LTS and the latest version of AVPro Movie Capture, 2.7.3.

Let me know if you want to replicate or hop on a call to see it yourself.


Just confirmed the issue is the same in Unity 2019.

@Max Does this issue appear when you create a clean project without AVPro Movie Capture in it?

Yes, the presence of AVPro Movie Capture doesn’t seem to effect it.

Hi @Max,

Jumping in here as Cory is OOO today - it seems that the new versions of AV Pro has broken our modifications that enabled the 3D360 export tutorial. We will look into updating it next week- so sorry for the friction and thanks for bringing it to our attention!

In the meantime, it may work to use the older version of AV Pro that we initially built the tutorial against. I believe it was AVPro Video 2.1 - Ultra Edition that was timestamped ~ April 2021.

Do RenderHeads allow you to get ahold of previous versions of AV Pro to give that a spin while we work on a future facing fix?

Hi @James,

Unfortunately, only previous editions of the trial (watermarked) editions are available.

If you have a copy, I am a licensed user…


hey @Max - can you test the proof of concept with the watermarked version, and then if it works contact RenderHeads support to get a licensed old version for the time being? It’s best if you can work directly with them to get the old version. Their support has been pretty good when we’ve had to get in touch in the past.

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So, I removed and replaced the current version of AVPro Video with the old and the errors remain. Maybe the actual timeline package changed?

@Max OK, good to know. We will recreate this on our side and get a fix ASAP. Sorry for the bit rot on the 3D360 tutorial!

Hey @Max,

I’ve was able to replicate these compiler errors, and have a fix for you. It you take a look at our documentation, there is a step to enable the AVPro timeline components extension, and this is also called out in the AVPro documentation on the subject:


This is an extension as it requires the optional Timeline package from the Package Manager, so it requires some setup the first time you use it:

  1. Add the Timeline package to your project from the Package Manager.
  2. Add the Timeline package assembly Unity.Timeline to the _AVProVideo.Extensions.Timeline assembly definition references.
  3. Add AVPRO_PACKAGE_TIMELINE to your player Preprocessor Defines to enable the scripts to be compiled.

It’s easy to miss this step, in fact I missed it too when creating a project to reproduce this issue in, which ended up being exactly what I needed to replicate it. After following these steps the compilation errors are resolved.

For step 2, find the .asmdef file in the project folder:

Edit that file and add a line for "Unity.Timeline" within the "references" array. The file should look like this:

    "name": "AVProVideo.Extensions.Timeline",
    "references": [
    "includePlatforms": [],
    "excludePlatforms": []

For step 3, go to Project Settings → Player → Other Settings and find Scripting Define Symbols, then add an item and paste in AVPRO_PACKAGE_TIMELINE:


Let me know how it goes after you get this part resolved.

Hey Tim,

It looks like maybe my issue was a two-parter. I believe there were two slightly different batches of errors.

The second batch of errors relating to me not following the tutorial properly the time I installed the old version of AVPro Video (w/watermark) are now resolved, but I’m getting the same batch of errors in my initial screenshot on the latest version of AVPro Video AFTER I copy the VideoCaptureSettingsWindow.cs file to the Editor directory.

Let me know if you’d like a call to see, otherwise I think you should be able to replicate just by getting the latest AVPro Video and copying over that file in the Editor directory.


I see, looking closer at the original errors you posted I notice that the VideoCaptureSettingsWindow.cs script is in the wrong place. You have it in Assets\AVProVideo\Editor\ but it needs to be in Assets\AVProVideo\Extensions\Timeline\Editor\


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Thanks Tim! Sorry to be a bother.

@Max - Just following up. Is your issue resolved? Let me know if I can close the ticket. Thanks!

I have many issues, but this particular one is resolved. Thanks Cory!