Can I copy depth/cinema pairing to multiple pairs

I’m using Depthkit studio with a multiple POV setup where the Depth & Cinema cameras pairs are precisely identical.

In the project I successfuly pair my master Depth/Cinema combo.
I was assuming I could apply that same pairing data to my other POV as the Depth/Cinema configuration are exactly the same for every pair (including precise positioning/rigging, lenses and settings).

When I try to use the “import pairing” to a sensor that hasn’t been paired yet, and choosing the actual project as source nothing happen. My understanding is that the import pairing function will import the pairing data from the whole project and not from a specific pairing in order to apply it to a new one.

Can I copy the pairing from a sensor to a new one ?
Or do I have to pair every sensor with the full pairing workflow ?

In my mind if the combo Depth/Cinema is the same, the pairing would be identical independantly of the final position in the setup.

Thanks !

FnP studios.

Hi @Olivier

We highly recommend conducting a camera pairing for each physical cinema camera+azure kinect sensor in the array. The precision of the pairing process is such that there is just no practical way for the pairing to be used from one to the other. There will also be a substantial difference in the lens positions.

If you are simply trying to save time for a quick test, this strategy can work but again is not recommended for production workflows.

In this case, I will need to wait for @CoryAllen’s input on how best to facilitate copying one pairing to another within a Depthkit Studio array.

Thanks for your reply James.
That makes total sense, we will pursue with your recommendation.