Lost Pairing on Multi-Cam Shoot

Hi, I posted in the Slack group but was asked to bring my question over here as well. I have recently shot an 8 cam DepthKit Cinema project on 0.5.10, but I am opening the project on a different machine using 0.5.12. I don’t see previous versions available, but from what I hear, it should be compatible.

For some reason, 7 out of 8 of my cameras aren’t showing a cinema pairing. The app says the sensor must be paired with a cinema camera before I can load footage, but I had all 8 pairings imported at the time we shot. I also have other takes from the day after, those work fine. The only difference with day 1 is that I had to pair 1 of my cameras on the day of the shoot, since I had already imported the other 7 cameras I did not import them again after pairing that final camera. What I am seeing now is that ONLY the camera I paired that day seems to have a cinema pairing, although the UI was showing all cameras had pairing data when we recorded.

It seems to have thrown out my other 7. Is there any way to re-link the pairing to the project after the fact?

My project file is here: (media removed for space)

Hi, @MattRowell . Have you tried importing the Camera Pairing again in the new version of the project? I’ll check with our team and what else you can do to restore these camera pairings.

Hi Cory, I haven’t tried that. I don’t have the sensors on hand anymore, and it seems like I need them connected to be able to change anything. I’m working on this project as a freelancer for a client who owns the hardware, I’ll ask if they’re able to import those pairings on their end.

@MattRowell If you have an intact version of the project from an earlier version of Depthkit, you may be able to simply import the pairing information from that project as described here. As always, make backups of the project files and calibration data in case anything unexpected happens.