Cleaner edges for volumetric capture (using one camera) + using edges to create a particle "body)


We have interviews shot with one camera and are trying to get the edges a bit more cleaner and “organic” as the original is quite rough and blocky so to speak. The Experimental controls aren’t until been able to get the edge softer or with a more pleasing edge.

We are also creating a particle “body” to firstly mask a bit the edge but also, well, give it a slight body and form. This particle “body” follows the video clip, but it is a separate entity and it would be interesting to use the edges of the capture to be the starting point for the body/fog/whatever we want to call it. It the pictures you can see an body/fog created from cubes, but the aim is to create something more natural and organic.

Thanks for any help!


Hi, @TimoWright - It looks like you have the edge masking/dithering tools of your photo look set nicely. I think to get the aesthetic you’re after, you’ll need to edit the VFX Look which is linked to your Depthkit object. Here are two variations on the look that I use for my livestreaming setup, one with cubes, and one with octagons which reduce their alpha over time. Take not of which node is connected in the VFX graph:

Quick note: I have modified the velocity of the particles in my look to all move in a uniform direction, rather that one that is driven by the normal direction where it spawns.

Let me know if this helps, or if you’re looking for something else.

Thanks you Cory! We’ll try these out, and let you know how it works!

@TimoWright One other thing: Our team noticed that you’re using the Studio Mesh Source (meant for multi-sensor assets), but for single-sensor assets, you’ll likely find the Core plugins and tools to be more effective.