The depthkit's mp4 + AdobeAfterEffects TIP

A tip I’d like to share:
I took DepthKit’s 512x848 MP4 into a After Effects comp, created a mask for the top half of the image, applied the “Find Edges” effect only to the mask (by using that top-half mask as Mask Reference in Compositing Options). This new mp4 in Unity without the Zero Days renderer was like a weird reptile skin with interesting color-banding at the edges.
Try it,
Nick Venden

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Would love to see a photo of how that turned out!

Here’s a quick video clip from the VR headset:
[DepthKit and AfterEffects TEST]
Comments in the Vimeo posting.

The reptilian skin was only a Find Edges filter in AE. However, I had to mask off the bottom of the 512x848px video. This project is in a very early stage of development.

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Love it! Can’t wait to see more!