Depth Kit and Azure Kinect running on Apple M1 Chip

Hi All,

Just wanted to hear about any developments or news relating to Depth Kit running and capturing via an Azure Kinect on OSX, specifically if it might run on the M1 chips?

I am asking as I will be hopefully upgrading the laptop in a few months and I prefer to use a a mac generally.

Any news is good news but need the direction!


Hi, Matthew! Currently, the Azure Kinect itself is only supported by Windows and Linux, making the sensor incompatible with macOS. Intel-based Macs can run Depthkit and capture via the Azure Kinect using Windows via Bootcamp, but because Windows does not currently run natively on M1 chips, we do not support Apple’s M1 computers.

According to this Microsoft feedback ticket, macOS support for the Azure Kinect is still unplanned.

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Ah silly me! I should have looked at that very fact before asking.

Thanks for the feedback Cory!