DepthKit macOS?

Any new about a macOS version ?

Absolutely, Julien! This is in development so stay tuned. I’ll share a timeline with you as soon as ready.

Any news?
We are about to launch production of new art piece!

Hi Julien,

When does your production start? We likely won’t support macOS soon enough for you to count on, but it is in development as @jillianmorrow alludes to.

One of the biggest issues for Mac support is lack of a high quality depth sensor on that platform. Both Orbbec and RealSense offer inferior quality to the Kinect for Windows. So even with Mac support, your best to use Windows now as the highest quality captures are available there.

Also, we are huge fans of your work here at Scatter! Please let us know however we can help!

Hi James, I need to start captures mid april, but I’ll start to prototype early/mid march. Windows so.

Thanks for your messages about my work.
This is the project STRUCTURE.LIVE belonging to STRUCTURE project:

Will post more…

Thanks for sharing! Will forward to more and keep you up to date about any advances on the macOS front.