Can't launch Depthkit in Parallel Desktop

Hi there,
after a long week of captures on a dedicated windows system, I backed up my 100Gb material on my macOS, hoping we could edit (I mean, export) each Take inside my parallel desktop window machine.

I can’t launch it.
DirectX is enabled etc.

Would you help us here?

(( Can’t wait for a macOS version even ONLY as a viewer for editing capture ))

Hi Julien. We recommend using Windows Bootcamp if you want to use your Mac with the current version of Depthkit. Parallel may be causing the launching issue. Also does your Mac fall within the recommended computer specifications?

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Hey @JulienBayle — Depthkit won’t work in any virtualized context (VMWare Fusion, Parallels, etc.) because last I checked none of them support USB3.1 passthrough. This means even if your issue got resolved, you wouldn’t be able to get the Kinect to the application.

thanks a lot but, as I said, I’d just need to be able to edit my takes (actually, to export them, which is already VERY boring to do manually when you have more than 100) on a mac.
I don’t want any kinect in the equation.

Ah sorry I didn’t realize you wanted to do that exclusively. Virtualization software isn’t a 1-to-1 mapping of the environment it’s emulating so there could be a lot of things preventing this from working. To better figure out what’s going on, can you launch Depthkit from the command line (cd’ing to the directory and running depthkit.exe) and then sending us the terminal output?

I suspect it has to do with how Parallels handles graphics in that it isn’t meant for graphics-heavy applications. As @jillianmorrow said, Bootcamp will be your best bet here.

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no output

for many reasons I cannot use bootcamp.
I’ll try to find another windows computer