Depthkit and vrchat

hey, is there any way to make DK work with vrchat?

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Hey @JanDuszynski, we don’t have an official integration for VRChat at this time. Can you tell us about how you might want to use Depthkit with VRChat? I’d love to learn more so I can share your request with our product team.

Oh, nice for you to ask:) Im working as a part of an art collective Dream Adoption Society fand we’re experimenting with VR in theater. Especially now it seems very relevant…we’ve been using vrchat as a platform to perform our crazy stuff. It would be fantastic to be able to put some volumetric animations in our worlds.


@JanDuszynski ooh I’m very interested to see your VR theater. Can you tell more about your ideas? Where are you based?

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Super! Some of the things we did you can see on our YouTube channel. It’s Dream Adoption Society. We’re from Poland. I’m a composer and most of the things I do somehow concern music, but vr triggered some new passion in me which is building worlds. You can also check our website: dreamadoption

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Thank you for sharing @JanDuszynski! Love the idea of a creative performance in a platform like VRchat. Would love to see more of your work.

Curious if you managed to make any progress on this? I reckon it might be possible with Udon sdk3. You ever try take this further?