Depthkit Cinema Camera Pair Fail

Hi, I’m having some troubles to pair a cinema camera, I get 0% of lens accuracy and a high mismatch with the cinema camera. I’m pairing a Canon EOS R5 (full frame) camera with Rokinon 16mm lens, externally recorded on an Atomos Ninja V+ (8224 x 4336 ProRes RAW). For rigging reasons, camera is upside-down, so I’ve downscaled all the Canon footage to 7678x4048 not to be over 8K and rotated it 180 degrees (to match Azure’s orientation) for making the lens profile on Adobe Lens Profile and for the samples before importing them into Depthkit.

Here you can find the Depthkit Project and some screenshots:

Any help will be much appreciated.

@DAMIANTURKIEH , thanks for sharing this. I am downloading now and will take a look at it.

Thanks! I still have the Canon cinema cameras fixed to the Azures so I can do the pair workflow and apply it to the captures. Please let me know if you need me to do any additional tests. Thanks

@DAMIANTURKIEH Can you add the lens profile which you used for this to the Google Drive folder?

@CoryAllen I’ve just uploaded, thanks

@DAMIANTURKIEH Thanks again for sharing the project and LCP file. @Tim and I have taken a look and suggest trying two things:

  • It looks like the LCP only contains correction data for two-parameter radial distortion. We recommend creating the profile with ‘Five Parameter Radial & Tangential Distortion’ selected.
  • Inverting the video might actually be introducing issues into the workflow, and the calibrator should be able to pair a sensor with an inverted cinema camera, so try a pass where you don’t correct the orientation of the Cinema footage, and instead let the calibrator flip the image.
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