Camera pairing fail

I was hosting a Depthkit workshop on Tuesday, but unfortunately had some setbacks with the camera pairing. All the metrics stay on 0% either by using 5 or 30 samples.
I have done the entire Depthkit setup more than 10 times by now, but this is error completely new to me.
We also tried different parameters for the lens profile just to be sure.
It would be great if you have time to look at this. I will put the link to the project and lens profile in an email.

There was also a problem with the obj sequence error, but I will put that question in another topic.


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@GlennWustlich Hello, and sorry to hear you’re having this issue. To effectively troubleshoot, we’ll need more information about your Depthkit project. The most effective way to share this is to send the Depthkit project (complete with project JSON and _calibration folder, as well as any test takes) and the lens profile used with the project, as was provided in this similar issue. Let us know where we can find those materials, and we’ll take a closer look.

@GlennWustlich Quick update - I received the project and lens profile you sent. We’ll take a look at this on our side and let you know what we find.

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