Depthkit Core Expansion Package (Phase 6) Released!

We are pleased to announce the release of the latest update to our advanced Unity plugin, the Depthkit Core Expansion Package (Phase 6). This is for use with single-sensor (Depthkit Core or Cinema) clips.

This version, Phase 6, brings support for RenderHeads’ AVPro video player version 2, letting you now…

  • use Unity’s Timeline
  • render 3D-360 video out of Unity – our tutorial shows you how.

Phase 6 also features:

  • Enhanced interaction with lighting
  • Improved performance
  • And more! Find a full list of release notes and fixes here .

If you have already purchased the perpetual license for the Depthkit Core Expansion Package for Unity, check your email for a download link for this new version.

Depthkit Studio Expansion Package (Phase 6) is also now released, for use with multi-sensor (Depthkit Studio) clips. This is available for download for Depthkit Studio pilot partners.

We hope you enjoy these new improvements. For any questions, reach out to us at