Depthkit Core Expansion Package (Phase 6) Updates & Bug Fixes

In this latest version, we have some great new updates and bugs fixes!


  • Support for RenderHeads’ AVPro 2 Video version 2, including enhanced Unity Timeline integration.
  • Additional tools to improve performance by pausing playback or disabling rendering for off-camera Depthkit objects.
  • Support for Light Probes in the Built-In Render Pipeline.
  • Improved shadow generation from multiple light sources and different light source types.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where projects rendering to OpenVR 1.0.1 would not render Depthkit clips for both eyes of a VR headset.
  • Fixed a bug where only one instance of a duplicated clip would appear in Edit or Play mode, and adjusting parameters on one object would affect both.

Where to Download
If you have already purchased the Depthkit Core Expansion Package, you will be receiving an email today with the new download link. If you have any questions, reach out to We hope you enjoy!

Thanks for the update! Are there any performance benefits to using AVPro instead of Unity VideoPlayer (especially on the iOS platform)?

Hi @TakahiroHorikawa

In the testing we have done for iOS, we haven’t seen an impact on performance based solely on which video player is used, but we also haven’t explicitly tested this.

The performance enhancements in this release which pause playback or disable rendering for off-camera assets support both Unity and AVPro video players.

@CoryAllen hi there! Just getting back into Unity and don’t think I received an update for Phase 6 ( bought the Core extension package in 2020). Excuse me if I missed it and just checking if it’s ok to get this now. Thanks!

@OliviaMcGilchrist We’re glad to see you getting back into it! I just sent a new email with access information for the Phase 6 packages.

@CoryAllen Thanks so much, I just emailed back :wink: